What’s this all about?

I must admit I am honored that you are here. My pledge is that if you allow me to help you -I will get you what you want in terms of term or perm. What’s the difference you ask? Term or Time insurance will pay your loved ones if you die within a specific period of time-10 or 20 or 30 years for instance. The longer the period the more you pay annually. If you live past the time period you chose, no benefit is paid and the company wins. Permanent insurance such as whole life or universal life can guarantee that as long as you pay the premium each year that your loved ones will collect a death benefit after your time in this world is up.

We have plenty of insurance in stock and have access to the very best life insurance companies. The lowest rates can be yours. There is no shortage of insurance but you have to apply, be accepted then pay the premium each year.